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……… that the modest little watercress plant is a serious superfood? Strange question, we know, but do read on.

The Watercress Company reports that “…. watercress is rich in vitamins, containing over 50 vital vitamins and minerals. Gram for gram contains more calcium than milk, more folate than bananas, more vitamin C than oranges and more vitamin E than broccoli.” As can be imagined, there are numerous health and beauty benefits from the consumption of watercress.

It is little wonder then that this peppery powerhouse of a plant when used in skin care products can also produce impressive results.

Mayfield Laboratories is delighted to have been chosen as the manufacturer of product ranges for Prof & Doc, a skincare brand recently launched in by Watercress Research Ltd.

The brains behind the brand are Professor Paul Winyard of the University of Exeter and Dr Kyle Stewart a GP based in South Devon. Together they have developed a patent-pending extraction process to utilise the potent properties of watercress that benefit the skin.

This superfood’s superpower is it’s remarkable skin soothing qualities which could help treat skin conditions such as nappy rash, dermatitis and eczema.

Prof & Doc state that their watercress extract is “science driven, data based” and has been subject to intensive research, development and testing.

The result is a range of vegan friendly products formulated with natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types including babies and sensitive skin.

Mayfield are excited to be part of the Prof & Doc story and look forward to the next fascinating chapter.

News of Prof & Doc has reached the BBC, read their report

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Written by A. Bass

Posted 25/01/2024


Everyone likes to receive recognition of a job well done, that pat on the back to let you know that your efforts and achievements have been appreciated.

We at Mayfield Laboratories were delighted to be on the receiving end of such recognition having recently passed our triennial ISO 9001:2015 re-certification audit with flying colours.

This globally recognised QMS (Quality Management System) standard provides a framework for organisations to ensure their products and services consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements, at the same time continuously improving their processes and overall performance. Rigorous criteria must be complied with, to achieve and maintain the standard and this is assessed by means of internal audits, annual external audits and the triennial external re-certification audits.

The in-depth triennial audit examined all aspects of Mayfield’s practices, procedures and documentation relating to the ISO standard. Not only was the audit passed but during this process the auditor had the opportunity to identify any issues that might result in “non-conformance” or “opportunity for improvement” but none were found.

We were particularly pleased as this was the first re-certification audit since the completion of our extensive upgrade programme. In fact, the auditor made a point of commenting on the huge improvements to the look and feel of the factory – we had to agree.

So it’s a “WELL DONE, EVERYONE, YOU’RE DOING A GREAT JOB!” At Mayfield we work as a team and appreciate the important part everyone plays in delivering the high standard of service and products our clients deserve.

Written by A. Bass

Posted 14/12/2023


Mayfield Laboratories was established around 35 years ago.

We like to think that our industry experience has taught us to recognise when the time is right to respond to market movements. Following our review of both Mayfield and the industry overall we now have the exciting results of a carefully planned investment and improvement programme – this is what’s changed:

Applying economies of scale we have tripled our single batch capabilities enabling us to offer a wide range of complex products in batch sizes 25 to 1000 kilos. To work alongside the new fully automated 1000 kilo mixing vessel and side pan we have added additional filling, labelling, capping and collating equipment.

These additions have seen a marked increase in the speed of production and flexibility  of pack formats we can provide.

Our upgrade programme also included a new process and development laboratory and an upgraded specialised raw material store, warm room and wash bays.

Ergonomic benefits for our operatives were achieved wherever possible.

These operational advancements have been complemented by a new ERP software programme that has made system-based improvements in the management of client orders and the overall operation of the entire business.

It was essential that all improvements be delivered in the most cost effective and energy-efficient way possible without compromising Mayfield’s high standards of quality, and to also be in line with the company’s Environmental Policy and Good Manufacturing Practice ISO  22716:2007 and ISO 9001:2015 accreditations. These are principles that extend to all our working practices.

We’re delighted to be now experiencing the benefits of our upgrade and the wider opportunities they offer both Mayfield and our clients alike.

Written by A. Bass

Posted 13/11/2023


Personal care is all about caring for the present and investing in the future and Mayfield Laboratories has done just that.

We care about our clients and take pride in their achievements. We appreciate that as a contract manufacturer it is vital for Mayfield Laboratories to continue to deliver a broad range of services meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations, all in line with current trends and technology.

We therefore undertook a thorough review of all aspects of the business plus the industry as a whole. We concluded that the time was right to enter into a general upgrade to respond to our clients constantly evolving requirements. To achieve this, the past 2 years have seen the impressive results of a substantial investment programme.

So what have we done? Improvements have been made in all departments and were guided by the practices and procedures required by the Good Manufacturing Practice ISO 22716:2007 standard. We were delighted to achieve this accreditation in March 2023 to sit alongside the company’s existing accreditation ISO 9001:2015.

The investment programme has brought about the purchase of new equipment and supporting facilities and we’ll be detailing these changes and what they mean in our next post.

Be assured that whatever else has changed, Mayfield Laboratories remains a company with people at the heart of it. We will always be committed to delivering the very best customer service we can as we look to the future.

Written By A. Bass.

Posted 12/10/2023